My smiling face

Hey! I'm Florent!

I am a French web developer based in Barcelona contributing to open source libraries.

  • #vue
  • #nuxt
  • #nestjs

My projects on Github


A vuejs component to display a spinning wheel on drag

Vue 6


A Mozilla Firefox extension to switch between several bookmark toolbars.

Vue 2


Vue cli transforming vanilla component syntax to Typescript class based syntax

TypeScript 4


A Nuxt module to serialiser / deserialise class instances on SSR mode

TypeScript 6

My VSCode setup

  // Variables
  let useDark = !isOutside || isNight

  const vscodeSettings = {
    font: 'Fira Code',
    theme: useDark ? 'Atomize' : 'Github Light default',
    sidebar: 'right' | 'left': 'right',
    iconTheme: 'Material Icon Theme',

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